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Finest Paper Thread on a Wooden Bobbin: Black

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Beautiful black paper thread with a slightly irregular structure and a very warm and soft tactile touch. And yes, it's 100% paper.

Diameter of the Black Paper Yarn: only a fraction of an inch / millimeter
Nm 60
Quantity: about 1000 yards (1200m) / 20g 
Bobbin is 2.4 in (6cm) tall.

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The Black Paper Yarn / Paper Thread is thinner than all our other paper yarns! The Black Paper Yarn / Paper Thread is made from a different type of paper and has a less regular surface.
Thin: White and Natural Paper Yarn: 25g = about 210m (wood cellulose paper)
Thinner: Gray Paper Yarn / Paper Thread: 20g = about 840m  (Manila hemp paper) 
Thinnest: Black Paper Yarn / Paper Thread: 20g = about 1200m (soft wood cellulose paper) 
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Wash carefully by hand - no wringing, no spinning.
There are countless possibilities to use paper yarns in your studio and home - art projects, embroidery on paper, fine gift wrapping, crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, weaving, and many more DIY projects.
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