Passionate about Paper 

About PaperPhine

Our passion at the PaperPhine studio are Paper Twines and Paper Yarns - and of course all scraps and pieces of beautiful paper as well as paper products. And we do have a weak spot for old bobbins, vintage wooden tools and all carefully crafted pieces with a history. All our products are either made by us or if we can't fit the machines into the studio made for us, or carefully selected meeting a high bar of usefulnes, sustainability and beauty.

After years of experimenting and experiencing the unique qualities of Paper, Paper Yarns and Paper Twines PaperPhine was founded in 2009. Combining formal and informal training in a wide variety of textile techniques as well as paper making and bookbinding, the always curious and passionate PaperPhines are constantly looking for new ways to use their materials of choice, preserving and reviving old techniques and incoporating state-of-the-art methods onto their designs.

Paper Yarns and Paper Twines have long been forgotten though now are slowly rediscovered as an environmentally benign and sustainable material made from European wood and easily recyclable. As a very light though sturdy, simple and nevertheless elegant material they offer endless possibilities to the advanced artisan as well as to the intrigued student and curious designer.


Where to find us

The PaperPhine studio is located in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

Our district is called "Ottakring" (ZIP code 1160) and became part of Vienna only in 1890. Nowadays it's a vibrant part of the city with a big produce market (Brunnenmarkt) and a lot of small workshops and studios around it. If you ever visit Brunnenmarkt you might spot one of the PaperPhine's in one of the cafés there (or at a quick lunch in the restaurant "Wetter" at Yppenplatz!)


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