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DIY Kit: Knot Bangle / Necklace

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A fun DIY kit that includes everything to make three elegant and fun knotted bracelets / necklaces. 

Fast and easy to make these bracelets also make a wonderful handmade Christmas gift and stocking stuffer. 

With lots of colors to choose from and the possibility to mix and match the individual strands of your bracelets the color options are nearly endless. The bracelets can also be worn as long or short necklaces just as it suits you best on any given day.

Included in this kit is enough material to make 3 bracelets/necklaces:
- 3 x 17m (18.6 yards) of strong paper twines in 3 colors you choose
- Detailed instructions on how to make the bracelet / necklace  

Packed in a kraft paper stand-up resealable bag - makes it a wonderful gift for your DIY friends!

Please choose 3 colors from the colors shown on the last picture and leave a note when checking out!

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Size: The bracelets and necklaces made with this kit are "One size fits all". 
Size can easily be adjusted while knotting the bracelets/necklaces and instructions are included in the tutorial. will fit most women with normal to large hand-size.

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Paper Twines and Water: No problem at all! These paper twines are also used for carpets and even survive in the washing machine if they're forgotten in a bag... To keep your bangle in perfect condition for a long time we strongly suggest to nevertheless avoid contact with water when possible.

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