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DIY Kit: Knit Baskets Medium

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Fun, easy and very addictive with no knitting skills required - this kit includes everything you'll need to make two cute, small paper twines baskets in the colors of your choice. But beware: once you've started it's difficult to stop though luckily everybody will be happy to be gifted their very own small knitted paper twine basket.

This kit includes:
- Round knitting loom (23cm / 9.1 in) that can be used for many other projects as well (and for more medium baskets!)
- Aluminium hook tool
- 2 x 90m / 2 x 98.1 yards of strong paper twine (for 2 baskets with about 15cm / 5.9 in diameter and 13cm / 5.1 in tall)
- Detailed instructions / tutorial including how to gently stretch baskets for bigger, shallower vessels and how to treat against water damage
- Postcard 

Securely packed with paper frizzels in a cardboard box 

Please choose 2 colors from the last picture shown - please leave a note to us when checking out which colors you want. 

Paper Twines and Water: No problem at all! These paper twines are also used for carpets and even survive in the washing machine if they're forgotten in a bag... To keep your banskets in perfect condition for a long time we strongly suggest to nevertheless avoid contact with water when possible and to never leave them humid for long (let them dry!). 


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You need more paper twines for even more beautiful baskets? All of our "Strong Paper Twines" have the correct diameter (0.9 - 1mm) and stiffness for even more knitting fun.

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