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DIY Kit: Knit Bangle / Tutorial & Loom

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You already have some of our paper twines in your stash of crafting materials and only need the tool and tutorial to start knitting some fabulous paper twine bangles? Then this set is for you! 

To make our knitted bangles no knitting skills are required and it's very addictive hobby, we need to warn you. Make all your friends jealous while proudly wearing your handmade bangles and then make them all happy by gifting them with their own! 

Included in this set:
- Round knitting loom (diameter 13.5cm / 5.3 in)
- Knitting hook tool
- Detailed instructions on how to make the bangle, adjust the size if necessary and possible finishing touches 
- An extra postcard for you to keep our give away with one of the bangles

Securely packed with in a kraft paper bag - also makes a great gift! .

Size: The bangles will fit most women with normal to large hand-size. If you have very small hands and make a bangle for yourself the size can be adjusted in the knitting process. If you give the bangle away the included transparent elastic cord can be used to adjust the size accordingly if necessary.

Paper Twines and Water: No problem at all! These paper twines are also used for carpets and even survive in the washing machine if they're forgotten in a bag... To keep your bangle in perfect condition for a long time we strongly suggest to nevertheless avoid contact with water when possible.

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You need more paper twines for even more beautiful bangles? All of our "Strong Paper Twines" have the correct diameter and stiffness for even more knitting fun. 

Please note: there is no paper twine included in this set!


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