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Finest Paper Yarn on a Wooden Bobbin

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A beautiful wooden bobbin with 230 yards (210m) of Finest Paper Yarn adds instant flair to your studio and home.
Finest Paper Yarn is available in white and natural/kraft. 
Diameter of the Paper Twine: only a fraction of an inch (0.01 in / 0.4mm)
Quantity: about 230 yards (210 meters)
Bobbin is 2.4 in (6cm) tall.
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There are countless possibilities to use Paper Yarns in your studio and home - gift wrapping, crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, bookbinding, weaving, and many more DIY projects.
This Paper Twine is quite sturdy and thanks to its warm feeling and exquisite touch it's suitable for your most ambitious projects.

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