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Stick - Rudolph

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Rudolph is the product of a real family business: a Stick-Rudolph made out of twines and sticks from Linda's parents' garden (assembled in her Dad's workshop, noses painted by her Mum!)

A perfect little addition for a little Holiday Spirit in your atelier and home or to give a special gift to somebody

* * * *

Rudolph is about 7.9 in (20cm) tall with his antlers. The string he is hangig from can be easily shortended with an additional knot or two.
Each Rudolph is unique and might differ a little from the model shown in the picture.

Packed carefully in a small box to keep or give it away as a present.

* * * * *

The antlers are packed separately to avaid breaking. You can simple put them into the two pre-drilled holes in Rudolph's head and if you want to you can secure them in place with a tiny bit of glue!                                            

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