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SAMPLE SALE: Medium Paper Twine - Small Bobbin: Natural (400yds/360m)

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*Sample Sale* - From time to time we have to sort through our box of treasures and since we can't keep them all we now share some with you

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Medium Paper Twine / Paperyarn is one of our most versatile paper twines and a wonderful supply for all kinds of techniques.

Paper Yarn is a wonderful and exquisite material for crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, weaving, jewelry making, gift-wrapping, even bookbinding and basket-making to name but a few. It can be dyed and coloured easily.

This paper twine is natural-kraft 

Diameter : about 0.024 in (0.6mm)

Quantity: about 400 yds (360m) / 90g


The bobbin you'll receive is a smaller, sample-sized one (pictures show full-sized ones).

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