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-50% SALE: Paper Rope: Natural Kraft - 5.5 yards (5m)

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-50% SALE  -  5.5 yards (5m) of paper rope will be discontinued. As long as supplies last.

PaperPhine's Paper Rope combine durable duty with wonderful, carefully selected colors that range from funky and young to sophisticated and elegant. All of our paper twines and paper ropes can be washed by hand, have a wonderful, warm feeling and a bit of a "papery shine". 

This Paper Rope is the bulkiest and thickest and bulkiest paper twine / paper rope we've ever come across. Suitable for weaving, basket weaving, gift wrapping, flowermaking, to add durable handles to your crocheted and knitted bags, for loads of crafts projects, ...

Natural-Kraft is a solid color - it's not dyed but twisted from natural-kraft colored paper and therefore the interior looks exactly like the exterior of the rope.


Made of 100% paper (wooden cellulose). 

Diameter: about 0.157 in  (4mm) / amazing 4.1 in (10.5cm) wide when opened up

Nm 0.16

Mini-Hank with about 5.5* yards / 5*m   

*Please note that due to the production and cutting process the exact length can vary up to +/- 5%. 

Handwash with warm water. Let dry flat if possible. No wringing or dry spinning, please. 

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