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3 Vintage Bobbins - OOAK S194

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3 beautiful vintage bobbins with their original silky yarn still on them.

These bobbins come from the now closed-down READ & LOVATT textile mill. The yarn can also be removed if you prefer to see the wooden core that hides beneath (or have a look in our shop and you'll also find old bobbins without yarn on them).

Decorate your home, studio or shop window with these bobbins or store your ribbons and twines. They're also great as props for your photoshoots!

about 3.8 in (9.6cm) tall
diameter of disks: about 2.2 in (6.6cm)
diameter of holes: about 0.3 in (0.8cm)

Made of a wooden core and black fibre tops.
Please note that the yarn is meant for decorative purposes only. Due to its age it can be slightly discolored and dusty.

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