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3 Vintage Bobbins Bobbins - OOAK S170

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These three old bobbins / spools are some of our current favorites. They're quite special and still have the markings on them (dots and slashed in various colors) that were used in the weaving mill to mark different yarn qualities and weaving projects.

On the "bottom" they're brown-beige and of course you can also use this side as the upper side if you want a more elegant look.

These bobbins are wonderful to store your ribbons and twines on - or just imagine them sitting on your mantlepiece or on your studio shelf and not to mention as a prop for your next photo shooting. 

3.9 in (9,8cm) tall
diameter of disks: about 2.7 in (6.8cm)
diameter of hole: about 0.3 in (0.7cm)

Made of a wooden core and fibre tops.
It's the only set of exactly this kind with these marking we have.
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