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New Tiny Wooden Bobbin: Set of 10

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We're forever trying to organize all the paper twines and paper yarns in the studio and therefore we're always looking for new bobbins to store our paper twines on. And now we want to help you to organize your working place and to help with keeping the bits and pieces of string, twine and ribbon in your home under control - and of course to make it an inspiring place to live and work in.

These are our smallest wooden bobbins. They are perfect some left-over yards of thread or twine you want to keep for further use or lovely ribbons you salvage from nicely wrapped presents. Also suitable for all kinds of craft projects and of course to decorate your home and studio. 

This sets constists of 10 wooden bobbins made of birch wood in 5 different sizes - packed beautifully in a small cloth bag.

2 bobbins each /   0.6 - 2 in (1.5 - 5cm) tall, diameter of disks: 1 in (2.5cm), diameter of hole: 0.2 in (0.5cm) 




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