Passionate about Paper 

Thin White Paper Ribbon on a Wooden Bobbin

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This little paper ribbon has an exquisite "papery sheen" and is slightly translucent. Perfect for binding together your suites of invitation cards, wrapping little presents and even for artwork and ambitious DIY project. And yes, it's 100% paper! 


Width: 5/64 inch (2mm)
Nm 50
Quantity: about 275 yards (250 meters)
Bobbin is 2.4 in (6cm) tall.


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There are countless possibilities to use Paper Yarns in your studio and home - art projects, embroidery on paper, fine gift wrapping, crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, weaving, and many more DIY projects.


Cards with paper ribbon for illustration only - you'll receive a bobbin with paper ribbon (but no card, sorry).

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